The CoW Lead must have

  • Offshore experience
  • Safety awareness behaviour and competences
  • Hands-on experience and able to command respect
  • Strong communication and IT skills
  • Great linguistic skilles in Danish and English
  • Understanding of the Scandinavian Culture
and be able to
  • work in day/night shifts
  • stay and live on a boat with ongoing noise and motion

  • The CoW Lead is responsible for facilitating an efficient administration of Control of Work processes and procedures
  • CoW Lead is responsible for effective management of Control of Work processes enabling safe execution of offshore activities
  • CoW Lead is responsible for efficient support to performing authorities enabling them to deliver needed CoW related documentation at a quality enabling safe & efficient utilization of workforce
  • CoW Lead is responsible for coordination of activities ensuring required risk control measures are in place to safely prepare for, execute and re-instate equipment into service


  • Knowledge about installation performance and condition
  • Responsible for enablement of supervisors in managing the work executed on the installation
  • Responsible for efficient coordination of activities enabling safe & optimized production and loss
  • Responsible for management of temporary equipment & long-term isolations
  • Supporting administration of inhibits in providing risk-based review and quality assurance
  • Supporting maximum resource utilization by optimized planning and efficient preparation of activities
  • Administration of controlled master copies & management of re line P&ID’s
  • Responsible for identifying possible learnings in preparation and execution of activities
  • Enable offshore personnel in adhering to CoW related procedures and guidelines
  • Provide a fair and true CoW related performance picture for the installation risk profile
  • Enable process safety risk mitigations before, during & after activity execution
  • Manage collaboration and efficient usage of area authorities, isolating authority, issuing authority, performing authorities and electrical authority
  • Responsible for CoW related documents are prepared in accordance with procedures and clear to all parties
  • Responsible for cross referencing of CoW related documents enabling management of e.g. permits and isolations
  • Responsible for cross installation collaboration & planning enabling safe execution is performed and documented
  • Responsible for identification and evaluation of simultaneous operations
  • Responsible for commenting on production, utility & safety related Processes, procedures and guidelines.
  • Responsible for compliance with procedures & guidelines

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