The Production Technician must have
  • Offshore experience
  • Safety awareness behaviour and competences
  • Hands-on experience and able to command respect
  • Strong communication and IT skills
  • Great linguistic skilles in Danish and English
  • Understanding of the Scandinavian Culture
and be able to
  • work in day/night shifts
  • stay and live on a boat with ongoing noise and motion
  • The Production Technician is expected to perform daily health checks of process and utility systems enabling safe operation
  • The Production Technician is expected to prepare and perform isolations of equipment according to CoW processes and procedures
  • The Production Technician is expected to perform safe and efficient execution of production activities enabling safe & efficient production, shutdown and start-up of equipment
Health, Safety & Environment
  • Assist in ensuring that all activities are carried out in a safe and efficient manner with due consideration of the environment and in accordance with applicable procedures and guidelines
  • Assist in ensuring that process safety conditions are safeguarded before and after the execution of activities
  • Assist in ensuring that all tasks are evaluated and planned prior to commencement with a view to reducing all risks according to the ALARP principle (As Low As Reasonably Practicable)
  • Actively participate in the safety work on the installation according to the guidelines laid down in the Installation safety programme and suggest additional safety measures as appropriate
Specific work tasks
  • Assist the Production Supervisor and the Production Assistant in the daily operation of the installation
  • Ensure to attain required knowledge of the equipment on the installation and the service hereof
  • Conduct regular inspection rounds to ensure that the facility is working in a safe and optimal condition
  • Ensure to attain the required knowledge to comply with current procedures & guidelines
  • Conduct preventive non-intrusive inspections of process and utility equipment
  • Participate actively in optimisation of the production facility, including consumption of production chemicals
  • Work as a substitute for the CCR as needed and skilled to
  • Assist on maintenance activities herein mechanical and electronic isolation
  • Ensure that safety always has the highest priority
  • Take responsibility for both own and colleagues’ safety
  • Cooperate and share knowledge and experience with relevant colleagues, personnel and departments
  • Live the company values – both during working hours and leisure time on board the installation – and act as a role model for colleagues
  • Assist in ensuring that all activities are performed in a cost-effective manner
  • Ensure that all information, written as well as verbal, concerning the company is treated confidentially

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