The HSE Site Advisor must have
  • Offshore experience
  • Safety awareness behaviour and competences
  • Hands-on experience and able to command respect
  • Strong communication and IT skills
  • Great linguistic skilles in Danish and English
  • Understanding of the Scandinavian Culture
and be able to
  • work in day/night shifts
  • stay and live on a boat with ongoing noise and motion
  • The HSE Site Advisor is a supporting HSE resource to the OIM and platform leadership team HSE Site Advisor is the installation safety authority and responsible for the Health, Safety & Environment management
  • The HSE Site Advisor is responsible for maintaining a true and fair HSE performance picture of the installation
  • The HSE Site Advisor is responsible for efficient HSE related coaching of the platform personnel
  • Provide HSE coaching and training for the platform supervisor team and where needed in the offshore organization -enabling effective safety leadership striving towards an incident free culture
  • Ensure adequate and fit for purpose emergency response & lifesaving equipment is in place -enabling expected function and preparedness to an emergency or crisis situation
  • Responsible for HSE performance monitoring as well as providing a true and fair picture of the HSE related risks, challenges and mitigations in place
  • Effective support to the installation management team in data & incident reporting and Synergy
  • Support the management of Synergi cases and related actions, providing a HSE risk review to ensure quality and efficiency of actions as well as timely follow up from on/offshore action holders
  • Support and where necessary facilitate offshore risk assessments related to HSE, and providing HSE related training and coaching of personnel and vendors ensuring e.g. toolbox talk quality improvement
  • Facilitate the implementation of HSE campaigns & Initiatives and support supervisors in effective delivery of HSE related information and updates
  • Provide support to all CoW related activities and processes
  • First point of contact on HSE related risks & challenges
  • Support and assure appropriate induction of personnel
  • Initiate, facilitate and provide leadership of incident investigations ensuring an objective outcome
  • In collaboration with the Offshore Integrity Engineer, enable the offshore organization in managing HSE related changes as per MoC procedures
  • Responsible for managing records related to learnings and ensure efficient and timely implementation of HSE related learnings
  • Owner of the installation HSE information / communication equipment
  • In depth knowledge of Installation, asset & DBU HSE performance and condition
  • Responsible for systematic mapping of platform compliance with HSE standards, procedures and guidelines
  • Provide input on behavioural performance of personnel
  • Responsible for managing HSE related audits & management reviews enabling assurance of processes
  • Support efficient planning of Emergency drills enabling all personnel to perform as expected in emergency

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